Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Empty Nest

Last Sunday was a very sad day for me as my girl moved out of home and has moved out into the big wide world on her own to learn to be independant.  I guess I should be happy as I did manage to have her at home for her 21 years but it was very hard to cope with.  We have always had a very close relationship and when she moved out it felt like I was losing my best friend.  I know we will still see each other regularly (I have the most amazing craft room that she will miss) but I had so many emotions going on like no longer being needed and my role as a mother had finished.  Probably silly I know but I assume this is what they call the empty nest syndrome.

So we packed up all her stuff, soooo many clothes and headed off to her new room in Alfred Cove.

This photo is of Liana driving up, looking very happy so I told her she shouldnt look so happy to be leaving home so we took this one too just to make me feel better.

These photos are outside her new home and her house number.

So we dumped all her belongings into her new room which is pictured here.  It was a magenta wall.  We then headed off to Ikea as Liana wanted to buy a new bed and chest of drawers preferably in white to match the wall.  Mark entertained himself riding around on the trolley.

We then headed back to her room and of course she needed Dad to help put all the furniture together as it all came flat packed.  

Here she is looking very pleased with her new bed.  Her bed head was out of stock so she will have to get that in a couple of weeks.
 It is such tiring work supervising your Dad :)
So by the time we had finished building all her furniture it was about 7.30 pm and time for us to say goodbye and head home. I tried to be very brave and told Liana that I wouldnt cry in front of her and did sort of manage to keep myself together until we got into the car but Liana had to ask one of the other residents to move their car so she came out to the car then to see us off and did see my juicy eyes.  I cried all the way home, Im such a big sook. 

Anyway I have survived my first week without my girl, we did see her Thursday night when she graduated which I will blog about soon and she came home this weekend as she had a 21st birthday party to attend and needed to use the craft room to make valentines cards.

Thinking on the bright side, the house does seem to stay tidier when she is not here :)

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